Welcome address of Mr. Qassim Sultan U. S. – Arab Economic Forum Michigan – Detroit Sep 28 – 29, 2003

U. S. — Arab Economic Forum Michigan — Detroit 28 – 30/09/2003

Your Excellency Kwame Kilpatrick
Lord Mayor of Detroit
Your Excellencies – Ladies & Gentlemen:

It is a pleasure to be here in this important meeting, among such distinguished personalities. Further, I would like to express my thanks and appreciation to the organizing parties including: American Arab Chamber of Commerce, Arab American Institute, Arab Community Center for Economic & Social Services, and His Excellency the Lord Mayor of Detroit for holding this meeting which represents one world, and contributes to sharing experiences in the field of advanced economic and technological opportunities and human development.

• I am particularly glad that we were invited to attend this Forum, and I want to avail of this opportunity to consolidate the relations between Detroit and Dubai and to enhance the sister city relationship which became even stronger, by the visit of H.E. the Lord Mayor of Detroit and his accompanying Economic delegation to Dubai.

Today, I would like to share with you briefly a few facts about the achievements of the city of Dubai in the United Arab Emirates

During the last four decades, Dubai has undergone an outstanding economic and demographic growth, compared with averages and standards registered in different parts of the world. Due to this great growth, Dubai became a regional economic center for the Middle East.

• In addition, Urban areas of the city has increased more than approximately twenty times, within a period of forty years. This leads to a big expansion to the boundaries of urban areas and to a rise in general investments in infrastructure and basic facilities including roads, drainage, energy, water, communications and other services.

• Dubai was able to attract a large number of investors and businessmen, due to its excellent infrastructure, cosmopolitan nature, liberal economic policies, and modem standards based on diversification of local income.

• During the few past years, Conferences and Exhibitions Industries has become a mark of the flourishing activities of Dubai such as hosting important conferences and occasions which include the meeting of the board of governors of IMF and World Bank, last week.

• The city has also become the regional center for many international companies, working in the field of banking, finance, insurance, IT, and communications and last researches revealed that Dubai continue to grow not only across the middle east but across international sphere.

• Under the stable policy of the United Arab Emirates, Dubai economy stayed open and free attracting investors and companies based on the governmental support for the private sector activities. However, the private sectors in Dubai has focused, seriously, on investment in the fields of economy development and real estates including hotels, residential and commercial properties, and leisure and recreational facilities.

• And the government in Dubai is proactive in promoting the economic sector, such as trade, tourism, finance and various industries.

• Moreover, the city has the potential and the infrastructure to become more active in various economic sectors and as a preferred destination.

• Dubai has also succeeded in strengthening its relation with many international cities by signing sister city agreements with cities like Detroit, Shanghai, Istanbul, Casablanca, Osaka, Geneva, Gold Coast in Australia, as well as other cities. In addition to this, Dubai is a member of many regional and international organizations such as the Arab Towns Organization, Islamic Capitals and Towns Organization, International Union of Local Authorities in Holland, Metropolis Organization, Internet Society in USA, International Council of Monuments & Sites in France, and world Public Transport Federation in Belgium.

• Ladies and Gentlemen, the government of Dubai has also established Dubai International Award for Best Practices to Improve the Living Environment. This took place after holding an international conference on best practices in Dubai in 1995, in partnership with United Nations Human Settlements Programme, and a number of international partners including establishments, organizations and universities. The objective of the award is to promote the concept of best practices as a means to improve general living policies, by focusing on practical aspects, increasing consciousness of decision makers in all fields and to share the experiences. Finally, we wish this Forum all the success, and hope that the meeting will be able to achieve as much as possible for our objective of one world.

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